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Course Overview

A driver’s unique brand is the most valuable asset to advance a career in motorsports.  So, developing a stronger brand is your most important task!

At Race Face University, our mission is to give you a competitive advantage on-the-track, and you and your parents a marketing and branding advantage, off-the-track. The Race Face Team has nearly 100-years of combined experience and successes in driver development, coaching, mass media, marketing and branding.

Our Race Face University objective is simple; give every driver, regardless of their age or level of competition, an affordable resource to assist in the “Race” to the finish line.

  • 8 Week Video Online Course (Available On Demand)

  • Completed Courses Available On-Demand

  • Weekly “Live” Webinars with Team Members

  • Interactive Marketing and Design Templates Including Sponsorship Best Demonstrated Hints & Practices

  • Race Face University Certificate of Completion